I’ve joined this online course in Coursera that discuss about gamification. Now even though i consider myself a gamer, and it’s true that the course title pique my interest in the first place. gamification is not something you study to make yourself better as a gamer or a game maker.

So what is gamification ?

Gamification is a concept where you use game elements and game designs in a non gaming context.


Major companies has started to implement gamification in their way of interacting with the consumer, take for example Nike Plus. Where you put your running shoes and then when you complete your running it will when have access to your phone or laptop update your achievement on twitter by saying how many km that you take. How does this matter to Nike, well of course it matters to them, they want to make more people run, the more people that run means more people will buy their product.

Taking the course have made me more aware on the gamification concept being implemented on my daily life. I noticed that my current company give virtual points to among employees to increase motivation and productivity. So it’s not just about major companies increasing their sales. It’s about taking the fun, challenges, and sense of accomplishment of gaming to non gaming context.

I’m having a great fun joining this course, and it’s free!. i get to expand my knowledge to other than just hitting the keyboard and produce awesome code  -self claimed Smile with tongue out

For those of you who want to join the course, you can still join as the first week homework deadline is on 9th September 2012.

See ya there.

The problem with writing to convey message

The problem is that it could be misinterpreted. I mean even by just talking the things that we meant to say could have been perceived differently by the person we are talking to. And trying to convey the same message through writing could make matters worse.

It’s especially true when the person trying to convey the message does not have the skill –yes it’s a skill- to deliver the message effectively. Have you ever encountered that smiley icon on your favorite messenger ?. that one picture could mean a lot of different things depending on the context of the conversation. it could be a warm smile, a fake smile, even sinister smile using the same icon!.

Or how about the symbol that we usually use to indicate strong expressions, yes I’m talking about the exclamation mark. Here’s how I feel if I have somebody text me a message like this:

Stop! – okay, he’s telling me to stop

Stop!! – okay, he’s starting to get pissed off, I must stop immediately

Stop!!! – he’s clearly stretching his veins in his neck to say that. and I better damn stop whatever I’m doing right now before he punch right through me.

Like it’s said on

The sign used in writing after an exclamation or interjections, expressing strong emotion or astonishment, or to indicate a command.

So dear reader, be wiser and don’t type excessive symbol like this, because that would cause the person on the other end to interpret the message differently.. unless of course you do it knowingly the meaning of those exclamation marks.

Why am I writing this you might say ?. Just have a lot on my mind right now and thought writing some random blog post late night would do me some good. ha!

Happy new year 2012

Happy new year everyone!, this post arrive late Sad smile, well can’t help it since I got internet issues lately..

A lot of things happened for me in 2011, I got my first MCTS certification on web application using .NET 4, moved to a new boarding house with my wife, got a new job.. still in Bali though.

While some people on new years night go out partying or just hang out with friends, my wife and I decide to spend the night at Sanur beach. So we drove around 30 minutes away from home to get there, it was so crowded, a lot of people seems to had the same idea Smile. But we finally found a nice spot, where we spend an hour there watching the fireworks, to bad we didn’t bring any camera though, it was so beautiful.

Usually people make their new year’s resolution, well I got mine too.. one of them is to be able to post in this blog more frequently, looking back I only have around 6 post total in 2011 which probably because I think I should make a post related programming. Well.. that didn’t work too well for me, cause I didn’t know what to write, so hopefully I can post more frequently from now on even though is not about C# or ASP.NET.

How to deal with boredom in long term project

As an employee in an outsourcing company, we do not have the luxury to choose which project that we want to join.

Sometimes the project will run for a month, a couple of month or even years. the latter is especially true when handling a software that’s mature enough causing most of the developers involved in the project only have to maintain the software.

after a few month, reaching a year, boredom will surely creeps in the developer’s mind. this is understandable of course, having to deal with the same thing every day for the last x month/years everyone at some point will have that sense boredom.

as a developer there’s a couple of things that we can do to take our boredom away while keep upgrading our skills.

make a simple project, you determine the deadline, you determine the features, you determine the technologies to be used, make it fun, challenge yourself.

some project may not be accomplished, but that’s ok. learn from it, why you can’t finished it on time, or why you left it partway. is it because the design flaw, poor judgment on the technologies or just don’t have time to work on it.

every thing that you get from your simple project can benefit yourself in your professional life, it’s a valuable experience.

so get out there, and start making your simple project 🙂